Can You Recycle Your Real Christmas Tree?

recycle real Christmas treeYes, you can always recycle your real Christmas tree and use it in many ways to decorate your house or add to the value of the environment. Here we are with a list of sustainable ways of recycling the Christmas tree long after the season is over.

Mulch: You can make compost or mulch out of it. The mulch will keep your garden healthy and moist in the winter when it is cold outside. The pine needles of the tree are rich in nutrients that can improve the pH level of the soil.

Bird Feeder: The tree has not to be alive to attract birds. After the Christmas season, you can shift the tree to the garden area and put a bird feeder on it. It will attract birds for water and food.

Fish Feeder: If your local authority allows, you can dump the tree in river water for it to become a thriving reserve for fish. As time passes, algae will start to form on the tree feeding the fish. The weight of the tree will act as an anchor and protect fishes from predators.

Coasters: You can make lovely coasters with the wood of the tree. Let the wood dry before cutting it down to make coasters. And varnish before using the coasters. The coasters will protect your furniture from water or any liquid damage.

Fresheners: You can use the pine needles as fresheners. Put the green needles in a paper bag or sachets and place it in a cupboard and wardrobe for year-round freshness.

Firewood: Use the tree as firewood for bonfires.

Every year around 25 to 30 million Christmas trees are sold in the US. Although we can always reuse fake trees on every Christmas occasion, the real Christmas tree needs to be recycled in a sustainable way to ensure we do not waste the natural wood. 

And whenever you need help with tree-related services such as disposing of the wood of very large Christmas trees, you can reach out to a local tree service provider. These tree contractors can either assist you or offer you expert recommendations on how to deal with your real Christmas tree after use.