Do I Need Apply For a Tree Removal Permit?

tree removal permitThe answer to the question depends on the city you live in. Most city governments have a Tree Preservation Ordinances outlining the rules and guidelines for tree removal and trimming. In most cases, it is illegal to cut down the trees, for they play a crucial role in the livability of the urban cities.

There are two conditions in which the property owner may not require to attain a permit for cutting down a tree:

1) If the height of the tree is above a certain level;

2) If the tree is old and diseased.

Still, applying for a permit does not mean that you will get the approval for removing the tree. You may yet have to apply for removing a tree if you don’t wish to be scrutinized legally.

Looking up the internet can help you understand if your locality has strict rules for cutting down a tree. If you are lucky, you may find a tree removal application form, and if not, you may have to contact a professional tree removal services provider. The expert can help you get through the permit and remove the tree. Again, nothing is guaranteed. The approval largely depends on the Tree Preservation Ordinance rules of your city. 

Does Trimming Also Require Permits?

No, you don’t have to seek a permit for tree trimming unless and until it is not a street tree. Again depending on your location, you may still have to get in touch with the government bodies as certain cities have strict rules for protecting trees as they are considered the property of the community. Trees bring great environmental benefits and, therefore, are protected and well maintained. You can learn more about rules and regulations pertaining to trees in your property by getting in touch with a licensed tree services provider in your locality.

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Can You Recycle Your Real Christmas Tree?

recycle real Christmas treeYes, you can always recycle your real Christmas tree and use it in many ways to decorate your house or add to the value of the environment. Here we are with a list of sustainable ways of recycling the Christmas tree long after the season is over.

Mulch: You can make compost or mulch out of it. The mulch will keep your garden healthy and moist in the winter when it is cold outside. The pine needles of the tree are rich in nutrients that can improve the pH level of the soil.


Dependable Local Tree Contractor

Local Tree ContractorAre you looking for someone who can help you out with tree services? There are some people who might volunteer to do the job to earn extra bucks, but for the sake of your safety and the tree’s health, please call on a dependable local tree contractor. There are plenty of companies who offer varieties of tree services on a specific service area. Simply search for one that’s available in yours so they may assist you right away.

These local tree contractors usually offer similar services. The most common tree services these companies offer are the following: (more…)

Equipment Rental for Tree Maintenance

Equipment RentalTree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, and stump removal are only a few of numerous tree maintenance tasks you may need to seek assistance for. It is highly recommended for you to call a tree contractor if you need any of the things mentioned above done in your property. Some property owners opt to handle things their own way. However, special tools and equipment are necessary, which is why an equipment rental is also an option.

High-powered chainsaws are not the only things you need to get a tree removal or tree trimming process done effectively. Especially if you’re dealing with large trees on your property, you must expect heavy work. Most of the time, your two bare hands and your trusted wheelbarrow that you’ve been keeping in the shed won’t be enough.


Services for Tree Maintenance

Services for Tree MaintenanceDo you already have a go-to tree contractor? If you have some trees on your property, it would be best for you to have a reliable tree company to reach out to in case you need services for tree maintenance. While trees aren’t exactly high maintenance, they still need to be cared for at some point. For the sake of your property’s beauty, and more importantly, your and your family’s safety, make sure trees on your property are well maintained.

Tree maintenance isn’t necessarily done all the time. More often than not, you may need to reach to a tree contractor every few years or so. For instance, trees need to be trimmed every few years and the frequency depends on how fast or slow the trees on your property grow.


Tree Removal Tips

Tree Removal TipsCutting down trees on your property is not as easy as it seems. In many cases, you may also have to secure a permit for tree removal, even if you’re doing so in your own private property. It is highly recommended for you to call on a tree contractor for assistance. You must know that this is a very risky and dangerous task. It can’t simply be a DIY project.

To know more about what goes on during a tree removal process, research on the equipment needed and how it should be done. It’s not simply using your chainsaw and cutting down on the trunk. Especially if you’re dealing with a large tree, removing it on your own may end up causing damage to your property or injury to yourself.