Planting New Trees

Plants aren’t just our regular companions but also the instruments which support the life form on this planet. Planting them in your vicinity will not only help keep you calm but also keep the surrounding clean. So, the question is, when exactly should we plant a tree and how to take care of them. If you want to give your plant the best chance at surviving, plant it during the fall. This is because this season offers the optimum time for new plants to settle in before the heat and stress of next summer loops in.

When planting trees, most important thing is the hole that we dig. The size of the hole depends on the root ball i.e. the part of the tree that contains the roots—from its base up to the flare. The hole for the tree should be two inches less deep than the size of the root ball, but two to three times as wide. Fill the hole back up with the native soil. When half filled, pour some water into the hole to block any air vents.


Fertilizing Trees

Many people have a misunderstanding about fertilizers.  They tend to believe that fertilizers are a type of food for plants and trees, while in reality, it is not a food but a source of nutrient and minerals to them. Fertilizers help trees in strengthening them which will help them in generating food for themselves. They are also not a medicine to plant diseases to cure any ailments, rather they give them immunity to healthy trees.

Fertilizers should be used in right quantity, in the right place and at right time.  Excessive use of fertilizers can give adverse effect to tree growth and can kill them as well. Fertilizers are used to give proper growth to the plants.  They compensate the need for nutrients which are not coming directly from soil or surrounding environment. Ensuring proper nutrients are provided to your trees is the absolute key to making sure that your trees stay healthy for many years.


Things to Consider While Moving a Tree

Once you start living in a place for a long time, you start developing the habit of living with surroundings, neighbors, and sometimes trees planted by you.  You start treating them as your family and don’t want to you get separated when you move your home.  When you plan to move to your new home, you would prefer to relocate your favorite tree to that place.

Relocating a tree is not a simple task and requires a local expert’s help in doing it effectively. Any simple mistake can stop the growth of your tree. Therefore, to increase the probability of success in moving tree, it is always better to take the assistance of a professional. This is because to move a tree, it essentially requires tree removal and then re-planting of the tree, so it involves two important processes that are part of tree service. There is a great amount of these different services at so any homeowner should become familiar with these processes if you have trees.