Do I Need Apply For a Tree Removal Permit?

tree removal permitThe answer to the question depends on the city you live in. Most city governments have a Tree Preservation Ordinances outlining the rules and guidelines for tree removal and trimming. In most cases, it is illegal to cut down the trees, for they play a crucial role in the livability of the urban cities.

There are two conditions in which the property owner may not require to attain a permit for cutting down a tree:

1) If the height of the tree is above a certain level;

2) If the tree is old and diseased.

Still, applying for a permit does not mean that you will get the approval for removing the tree. You may yet have to apply for removing a tree if you don’t wish to be scrutinized legally.

Looking up the internet can help you understand if your locality has strict rules for cutting down a tree. If you are lucky, you may find a tree removal application form, and if not, you may have to contact a professional tree removal services provider. The expert can help you get through the permit and remove the tree. Again, nothing is guaranteed. The approval largely depends on the Tree Preservation Ordinance rules of your city. 

Does Trimming Also Require Permits?

No, you don’t have to seek a permit for tree trimming unless and until it is not a street tree. Again depending on your location, you may still have to get in touch with the government bodies as certain cities have strict rules for protecting trees as they are considered the property of the community. Trees bring great environmental benefits and, therefore, are protected and well maintained. You can learn more about rules and regulations pertaining to trees in your property by getting in touch with a licensed tree services provider in your locality.

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