Fertilizing Trees

Many people have a misunderstanding about fertilizers.  They tend to believe that fertilizers are a type of food for plants and trees, while in reality, it is not a food but a source of nutrient and minerals to them. Fertilizers help trees in strengthening them which will help them in generating food for themselves. They are also not a medicine to plant diseases to cure any ailments, rather they give them immunity to healthy trees.

Fertilizers should be used in right quantity, in the right place and at right time.  Excessive use of fertilizers can give adverse effect to tree growth and can kill them as well. Fertilizers are used to give proper growth to the plants.  They compensate the need for nutrients which are not coming directly from soil or surrounding environment. Ensuring proper nutrients are provided to your trees is the absolute key to making sure that your trees stay healthy for many years.

You should apply fertilizers only when they are needed by plants so that they can readily take the nutrients from their roots. Early spring and Late spring are the best seasons to fertilize your tree and plants, but summer months should always be avoided for fertilization unless it is definitely needed. You also do not want to overdo the process which can also be unhealthy to your trees.

There are different types of fertilizers available in the market and they should be used wisely to the needs of your plants. You should take help of professional arborists to check and advice on the type of nutrients required by your tree and suggest you for the best fertilizers to them. As trees take nutrients and minerals through their roots, fertilizers should always be applied to the roots of your plants to give them better access to their nutrients.

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