Lot Clearing

Are you preparing to deal with the lot which has become a mess? Some of your large yards get easily get overgrown and gets uncontrollable if a good care is done.  Clearing up that large lot it a big deal, if you don’t know the right process.  You will need to follow a proper procedure step by step to do lot clearing in a better way.

You should have a clear understanding of what you want to do with the cleared area.  Whether you want to grow a plant in it or make it a lawn full of grass or you want to do vegetation in this lot.  Your lot clearing process should be planned to consider the future plan in mind.

Start cutting down the big messy grown plant. You can use a chainsaw or a big cutter to remove those large unwanted plants. If you do not have appropriate tools available and the knowledge, then it is better to hire a trained professional.

Now once the big trees are cleared, you can use brush mower or trimmer to cut down the small plants like weeds and brush. Clear every small plant carefully from their roots.  Once the lot is cleared, you need to prepare it for future use. You should do mulching to make the soil perfect for replanting.  Adding mulch to the soil is an important step and should be done carefully.

After the mulching, start planting the seeds or transplanting the live plant. You need to choose the right plant at the right season.  Some plants are seasonal plants and require a supporting weather to grow. After planting or seeding you need to fertilize the lot so that require nutrients can be added to the soil for new plants.

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