Planting New Trees

Plants aren’t just our regular companions but also the instruments which support the life form on this planet. Planting them in your vicinity will not only help keep you calm but also keep the surrounding clean. So, the question is, when exactly should we plant a tree and how to take care of them. If you want to give your plant the best chance at surviving, plant it during the fall. This is because this season offers the optimum time for new plants to settle in before the heat and stress of next summer loops in.

When planting trees, most important thing is the hole that we dig. The size of the hole depends on the root ball i.e. the part of the tree that contains the roots—from its base up to the flare. The hole for the tree should be two inches less deep than the size of the root ball, but two to three times as wide. Fill the hole back up with the native soil. When half filled, pour some water into the hole to block any air vents.

Before attempting to remove the tree from its container, gently bang on the outside of the container to loosen the root ball when in a plastic container. If they are heavily destined for a round pattern. At this point, placing a root-bound plant into the ground as is, is the biggest mistake you can make. No need to worry about harming the roots or losing soil or even cut some roots away to disturb the pattern while the plant is young. It is better to give them a new chance than allow them to die slowly below ground.

Place organic matter such as shredded leaves or wood mulch around the plant. Mulch helps retain the moisture and helps keep roots cooler near the surface. The most important job now is that you will have to keep the plant well-watered until established. This can take up to a year. Make sure you do not over water the tree, as this might also end up killing the tree.

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