Plants To Help Improve Air Quality

Aloe VeraAir pollution has become one of the major issues around the globe. On the roads, there are cars emitting polluted gasses and in the cities, there are industries adding toxics immensely in the air. We can contribute to ensuring good quality of air by reducing air pollution and through some plants that are said to be natural air filters.

If you are worried about the health of your kids and beloved elders at home you should consider planting trees and plants that are natural air purifiers. Here are some of the plants that can help improve the quality of air of your home:

1. Boston Fern: Boston fern can tackle with air pollutants like benzene, xylene, and formaldehyde. The benzene and xylene are the pollutants emitted through car pollution and garbage. The formaldehyde is a byproduct of chemical-based cleaners and paints that are commonly found at home.

2. Spider Plant: Spider plants can combat some of the most common form of air pollution the house such as benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene. Spider plants are easy to grow and low maintenance.

3. Aloe Vera: The plant can help get rid of formaldehyde and benzene in the air. The plant also has healing properties and is used in various cosmetic products.

4. Peace Lily: The plant can combat toxic organic compounds like formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and benzene. The plant can also fight off toxic air pollutants from industrial home products like toluene.

5. English Ivy: The plant is perfect for any garden area as it is beautiful. It climbs and grows to make the home look attractive and filtering the air of formaldehyde and fecal particles.

Planting is a natural way to keep the air pollution free. There are many plants that can enhance the appeal of the house and improve the air quality simultaneously.

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