Tree Trimming Tips

Trees are important assets to your lawn and backyard.  They add beauty to your home and also gives you healthy air. It is our responsibility to keep our tree healthy to get benefits from them.  Tree trimming is a beautiful art of keeping your trees healthy and away from tree diseases. You can help trees in being more beautiful and healthy by using right tree trimming equipment and knowledge.

Though there are many techniques for tree trimming, it is always best to take experts’ advice to do this task.  Sometimes, tree trimming is risky for you and your trees health if not done with proper care, therefore it will always be good to hire a qualified arborist to perform tree trimming.

You should follow the following successive steps while doing tree trimming:

  • Always keep young tree’s lateral branches even while trimming.
  • Trim only the branches which are very near to others and are rubbing together.
  • Only one-fourth of the tree crown should be removed.
  • Cut the branches which are grown to walkways but in limited quantity.
  • Always make a cut towards the outer side of the branch.

Tree trimming is done mostly for three basic reasons: to make them look beautiful, for safety purpose, and to keep the tree healthy.  Tree trimming helps in maintaining the overall appearance of a tree and makes it look more attractive. It is necessary to cut all broken or dead branches in time to avoid any accidents due to fallen branches. Tree trimming helps a lot in keeping your tree away from getting infected by tree diseases.

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